Having extensive experience and expertise in managed services, Five Splash anticipated the loopholes and inefficiencies of the prevailing document management system. Taking all the gaps into consideration, we developed a solution specific to the field-based document intense industries.

Five Splash has developed the Osprey DMS™ model to manage and process customers’ document right from the application submission till warehousing, all on its private network.

Osprey DMS™

Osprey DMS™ is state-of-the-art suite for managing documents for an industry which has extensive and time-consuming paper-based field operation (telecom, insurance, banking etc.). It enables digitization of the process while reducing the turnaround time and eventually improving the customer experience.

It is not just a web-based product, but also comes as an app for field utility having a web-based backend for all back office activities.

An easy-to-use document management software featuring

  • Scanning & Uploading
  • Digitization & Data Entry
  • Audit & Verification
  • Warehousing & Indexing

Who can use Osprey DMS™?

Osprey DMS™ is developed for industries which have field intense document activities like insurance, telecom and banking. It enables the organization to manage, verify and store the customer documents right from the time of submission till warehousing all on the cloud network.


  • Scan and upload customers’ details, submitted document without running around
  • Audit and verify the documents effortlessly
  • Manage the submitted document
  • Handy information about customers application status

It allows the customers to receive SMS alerts and emails regarding the workflow status. It also allows the service provider to get a complete report about the customers along with their submitted document details.

The Osprey advantage

  • Improve speed to market and customer retention
  • Optimized operational efficiencies
  • Optimized logistics cost
  • Lesser dependency on hardcopy

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