KYC Document Management


The client is one of the leading telecom service providers of India, an Indian multinational spread over 20 countries & covering around 1.85 billion customers. Its services include telecom services, internet connectivity & data services.

The Objective

Customer’s objective was to set a document management, scanning, uploading & data entry process to reduce costing with the aim to provide fast services for increased customer satisfaction.

Scope of Work

The process required capturing & collection of all type of voice connection forms like normal retail form, change request forms, etc. according to the different areas.


Five Splash processed over 2000-2200 forms daily, scanning & uploading of forms & KYC documents; around 5000-5500 pages were scanned on a daily basis. Web-based software was designed to capture all the data.

All the forms & documents were scanned & processed and audited by the quality team & then were provided to the client with the reports mentioning the number of forms processed and the ones missing.

A tracking process was implemented which enabled inward receipt of documents tracking through specific numbering on forms. All the data was saved on a particular password protected location as a back-up & on hard disks for future relevance. The forms were then dispatched to the warehouse for storage.

Five Splash implemented the best practices for accuracy & timeliness which led to client’s satisfaction and enhanced end users’ satisfaction.

Technology Used

  • Web-based advanced software system connected with high-speed internet for data entry
  • High-quality scanners to reduce the manual work and chances of rejections
  • Barcode machine & numbering machine to track and record every form.
  • CCTV cameras to maintain high security of the document.


  • A cost effective, dependable, accurate & time-saving process to the client
  • Proper backup & security of documents is maintained for future relevance



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