How customer service increases the market share of a business?

Customer Experience

How Customer Service augments the Market Share?

Today, the market is beyond product or price driven competition. There are new dimensions added from the point of view of a customer. Customer service is gaining an edge over product and pricing strategy for competitive advantage. Businesses are capturing the market by offering great customer service as a value addition to increase the market share.

This is due to the fact that the customer expectation has grown manifolds in the recent years with increasing competition and the emergence of new technologies. So, the value of customer service is more consequential than ever.

Customer Experience above Customer Service

The focus is shifting from the term Customer Service (CS) to Customer Experience (CX) which is more than just the interaction with the customer in solving their issues and providing them with services and beyond. Customer Experience is the relationship shared between the customer and the brand since the time the customer comes in contact with the brand.

Furthermore, for a customer, the entire experience is from the brand. He is least bothered about whether the interaction is with the manager, the website, the social platform or an outsourcing service provider. He expects the same commitment from all the touch points. When the above all falls in place, the result is positive customer experience.

Fortunately enough, most C-suit employees understand the value and give this portfolio its due importance by indulging with the right people to bring this to action.

There are many dimensions for analyzing and evaluating customer experience. The vast amounts of customer feedback need to be documented and segmented in real-time to identify the loopholes and cater to them with a robust solution without any delays. In fact, this is required not just in the customer service department but across the organization to have a holistic view.

Great Customer Experience leads Increased Market Share

The customer meets the brand, gets connected, buys the service/product and stays with the company. This journey of the customer plays a pivotal role in linking the customer experience with the company market share. To make this journey a successful one for every customer, it is important to tap and measure the performance at every step.

Partnering with the right team and creating a comprehensive process, tapping, measuring, documenting, and analyzing the feedback are all very crucial for enhancing the customer experience. The right partner, who not only has the industry exposure but also can add value to the service, is the key to customer experience and in turn is responsible for the cost efficiencies.

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