Data Entry & Processing for Big Data Initiatives

data entry

The term Big Data is being used almost everywhere – online and offline. Big Data very simply means lots and lots of data that can be used to infer a business insight. Understanding the patterns and trends from big data to come to terms with business insight, undoubtedly requires a good error free data processing at the backend.

Right from travel & hospitality industry to retail or E-commerce, big data works only with rightly processed and managed data. Meticulous & relevant data processing is the key to success for any big data implementation. The value of structured or unstructured data is realized with the final outcome leading to better decision making and performance.

A hospitality group designs a marketing strategy with the help of big data to attract tourist from a particular region. However, if it has not performed the data entry of the feedback forms that it got filled by its customers, how and from where would they generate the data to design the marketing activity? Of course, there is no denying the fact that the process of data entry is time consuming which, without a doubt, must be done with high accuracy. And this, not being their core business, can lead to error-prone data entry which, ultimately would yield wrong results and would waste the time and efforts.

Moreover, not including the unstructured data (feedback/survey forms) collected manually would give incomplete result and thereby would not be of any use in developing business strategies based on big data analytics results showing customer preferences, trends, and customized offers.

The above scenario holds true mainly for businesses which involve the following Data Entry/Processing activities:

  • Survey/Feedback Form Processing
  • Invoice/Order Processing
  • Document Processing
  • Catalogue Processing
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Product Management

In fact, for the E-commerce industry also, the data collected from Order / Invoice Processing, Catalog Processing, Product Data Entry/Processing, Product Data Classification etc. would be required to build various marketing campaigns. So, to say the least, data entry and data processing is the base required to design a successful marketing strategy.

Essentially, businesses must first ensure to process their in-house data with the right expertise before opting out for the big data initiative.

So before a business plans to work with big data, it is imperative that they link it to data entry and processing while partnering with the expert in the industry. An expert, who has the capacity and the capability to understand your domain, delivers the results with the highest accuracy.

Five Splash has the expertise in data processing services catering to clients across the globe (including the US and the Europe) and comprehensive experience of processing the raw data to generate relevant results out of it.

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