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The data is growing at an unprecedented speed. Companies, besides managing their business, have a challenging task of managing the fast-growing data. However, all the data generated is not electronically stored and hence require a good deal of paper management/digitization by the way of data entry.

When a company needs to process a big amount of data to gain critical business insight, data processing takes longer. Huge data volumes lead to increased infrastructure requirements, complexity and strain on IT resources, and achieving just-in-time analytics.

Here comes the key – Speed or Accuracy

There are times when data entry job might simply need to be done fast. If it is a matter of just getting data into a system to get it cleaned later, then it is better to choose a company with a strong reputation for entering data in a swift way.

Outsourcing the data entry work when it is required to be done quickly, is always an ideal choice. Data Entry required time and resources – human, time and cost. Most companies do not find it feasible to devote time and budget to re-task several staff to a data entry project. Ultimately, if the company you have outsourced to can get the job done on time and with a reasonable budget, you will have made a sound investment.

If you need to have data entered perfectly the first time, then you will want to consider choosing a company with a reputation for having the highest rate of accuracy.

If the project requires the data to be entered accurately, it is important to choose a company that promises attention to detail and a consistently high rate of accuracy.

Outsourcing data entry is a popular, effective and reasonably inexpensive way to have your work done accurately, without needing to overwork your current employees or take them away from current duties.

While data entry is an underrated skill, it is a valuable and valued skill nonetheless. Establishing a relationship with a data entry company that has a quality staff, effective turnaround times and a high rate of accuracy allows you to rest in the knowledge that any of your data entry needs will be taken care of.

Five Splash aims at meeting the service and delivery needs of our clients by bringing the right amount of balance between the cost of delivery and the quality of services. We reckon ourselves as Business Operations Partner (BOP). With our dedicated team and in-depth domain knowledge, we provide the most comprehensive solution offering ensuring high-quality output.

We have solutions for all your outsourcing needs, including accounting, back office operations, managing CRMs, processing payments, invoicing, document digitization etc. We are scalable to our client’s requirement and flexible for process modification with minimum turn-around-time.

With stringent quality parameters, we ensure up to 99.95% accuracy, using methodologies like double entries, pre-check with the available database, using high-end OCRs, software validation, address database verification with authorised licensed software, etc. Moreover, our low base operating cost model enables us to deliver our clients, the best solutions at competitive prices.

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