Mobile is the new market.


Is your business mobile-ready?

With the technology moving from 3G to 4G and even planning for 5G, the businesses cannot afford to miss the bus. Digital Transformation is the buzz word and the organizations which are not planning to dive in this transformation pool, are definitely not a part of the competition.

Gone are the days when just having a website was enough for virtual branding. Customers seek information on the go. They consume the brand as how it is performing in the virtual world. Therefore, it is important to create an identity of your brand in this mobile market.

It is important to think beyond a website for your business. It is important to stay connected with the customers all the time. It is important to be handy and quick in your customer communication. And all this is done by moving to a mobile platform where a customer can connect to the brand.

Developing a mobile-based business enables the customer to connect with a brand whenever and wherever they want. With the tremendously increasing user-base for mobile devices, there is a proportional increase in the number of businesses trying their hands on developing mobile-based websites and apps for their businesses.

Developing a Mobile App for Business.

Mobile apps have gained a lot of pace in the last few years. Name anything from our daily life, and the mobile apps are leveraging areas like food, travel, hospitality, retail, healthcare and many such. As a result, we see an increasing popularity of mobile apps.

When a mobile app meticulously fits into the needs of the customer, it becomes successful in giving the desired results to the organization. There are however other factors which have increased the app revolution like:

  • Mobile apps not only contain the same stuff that is on the desktop website but also employ awesome mobile-specific features such as the use of the camera, action buttons like click-to-call, GPS data or NFC, contacts or galleries etc.
  • A mobile app makes it easy to track search preference of the customers and follow-up on the same by offering deals or products customized as per their requirement.
  • With experienced and virtuous coding, a mobile app can load faster and smoother because of their undeniable design.
  • Applications can operate even without internet connection making all your information available at any time. Facebook has recently updated its iOS app which will allow the users to create posts, without any internet connection. These are uploaded automatically with the next connection.
  • Businesses that opt for mobile marketing strategies are better in gaining new customer bases.
  • Custom mobile apps are also effective for the smaller companies, without the necessary resources for handling a digital marketing strategy.
  • With seamless user-experience and interfaces, it is easier to use apps as compared to websites.

A mobile-based platform, be it an app, or a responsive website, is vital to be in the business. Mobile apps enable businesses to create a virtual community of its customers and thus makes it easier to market their services/products. Therefore, businesses who wish to stay ahead of their competition must build a strong presence on the mobile platform.

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