Managing the documents is a huge task for businesses especially for industries that have intense paper-based processes. And now when businesses are going digital, document management has become a key activity for these industries.

It is important for businesses to have a comprehensive and robust document management system in place. The well-established document management system enables the organization to streamline the document workflow and manage the documents effectively. This is best done by the specialized document management companies.

Five Splash provides a comprehensive document management solution for industries that have document heavy workflow. Our document management services are designed to manage and store the documents and keep records of the various versions for all the document-heavy industries.

Our Document Management service includes document imaging, records management, and digital asset management.

We work for industries like accounting, Healthcare, Consumer Electronics, Accounting, Retail, BFSI etc. to manage their documents that require a higher level of control for privacy, warranty, and insurance.

We have a document management solution with the right blend of technology, tools, and process to assemble, organize, store, save, deliver and deploy of information across an enterprise.

The Five Splash Document Management solution includes:

  • Document Scanning Services

Our document scanning services convert the paper heaps into searchable digital images. The documents can be filed digitally to a DVD, SFTP or online in a web-based document storage solution.

  • Document Digitization Services

Document Digitization Services converts the useful and valuable data from the paper documents into digitally accessible information. This makes it easy to retrieve the required information and not get carried away in the piles of documents.

  • Document Indexing Services

Document Indexing is a process of extracting valuable information from the scanned documents or other electronic files. Our team of experts perform document indexing to build an index as per the requirement. This allows quick and easy retrieval of the information anywhere anytime.

We work towards delivering a robust document management process to our clients by providing the following benefits:

  • Complete control and easy access to information
  • Reviews and approvals of the documents
  • Identification of the changes and revisions
  • Maximum security for documents
  • Version Control

We follow a methodological approach for managing your documents to ensure that you get the right information and the right time.

Our Document Management Process consists of:

  • Project requirement and objectives defining
  • Gathering documents
  • Scanning
  • Digitalization
  • Indexing
  • Packaging
  • Delivery

Five Splash Advantage

  • Five Splash possesses high-quality OCR scanners and other technology for delivering the best quality.
  • We believe in keeping up with the deadlines for improved services.
  • We keep adequate manpower to meet-up the impromptu requirement client.